Range Brass was created to help re-loaders shoot cheaper.  We offer a bare bones product conducive to the avid re-loader.

Range Brass sells previously fired brass collected from shooting range floors.  We call it previously fired because we have no way to tell if it has been fired more than one time. The brass has been machine separated and culled for steel, aluminum and grossly deformed cases.  

Some cases, may have minor damage that will be fixed once they have been resized. Since our process relies on the human eye to cull the bad cases, inevitably some make it through.  Shells are packaged by weight and we always make sure to throw in some extras to make up for any off spec or damaged cases.

We are committed to providing you with a product that fits the description above. If you have any quality issues please let us know and we will fix the problem.


All pictures on this site are of actual product. 


Bulk Product

We do sell large bulk quantities (100,000+ Cases). If you are interested please shoot us a message.